Thursday, 31 January 2013

Kamal Haasan thanks Jaya for Vishwaroopam support

"I thank the chief minister. I am grateful to her. She has been kind enough to offer her help... now that she has helped us why should we go (to the Supreme Court)," he told a press conference in Mumbai after the premiere of the Hindi version of the film releasing on Friday.

The 58-year-old actor was asked whether he would move the apex court against the Madras high court order, staying release of the film that was banned by the state government in wake of objections raised by some Muslim outfits.
Breaking her silence a week after the ban exploded into a national controversy, Jayalalithaa said in Chennai on Thursday morning that she has no "personal grudge" against Haasan or "personal interest" in the ban.
She offered to facilitate an amicable settlement if Haasan and Muslim groups come together.
Finding fault with Haasan, she said government had made a request to him to show the movie to a few representatives of the Muslim organisations. "Had he done it, the problem would have been avoided. But he avoided showing the movie."
"If Muslim organisations and Kamal Haasan are ready to sit down and work out an amicable agreement, if he agrees to delete certain portions that are objectionable, then the decks would be cleared for screening of the movie, then Tamil Nadu government will do that to facilitate such an amicable settlement."
MH Jawahirullah, MLA, who raked up objections to some scenes in the film as hurting Muslim sentiments, welcomed the chief minister's statement and said he and 23 other Muslim outfits were ready to engage with the actor if a tripartite meeting is called.
In the press conference, Haasan said he would wait for the Madras high court order on February 4. "We have to respect the law," he said.
The objections and the controversy surrounding the film "is politics" and there is nothing religious about it, he added.
However, Haasan did not go into details whether he would engage with Muslim outfits as suggested by the chief minister.

The country suffers a huge loss of about $ 502 million a year as the “indirect cost” of tobacco-induced morbidity, says an article published in a medical journal.

While $ 398 million is estimated to be the indirect morbidity costs on smoked tobacco, smokeless tobacco products results in $ 104 million, says a review paper carried in the recent issue of Indian Journal of Medical and Paediatric Oncology. “Indirect morbidity costs” are explained as costs on caregivers and value of work loss due to illness. This is apart from the direct medical costs of treating tobacco-related diseases, which for the year 2004 was $ 907 million for smoked tobacco, and $ 285 million for smokeless tobacco. The paper is authored by Dr Gauravi A Mishra of Tata Memorial Centre, Mumbai, with Dr Sharmila A Pimple and Dr Surendra S Shastri. The total economic cost of tobacco use in India in 2004 was calculated to be 16 per cent more than the total excise tax revenues from all tobacco products during the year.
The total economic cost includes direct health care expenditure for inpatient hospitalisation or outpatient visits, expenditures incurred for transportation other than ambulance and lodging charge of caregivers and wage income lost to the whole household due to inpatient hospitalisation or outpatient visits.

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

We are not against formation of Telangana: Congress

With MPs and MLAs threatening to resign over statehood for Telangana, Congress has "We are not against formation of Telangana. Certain formalities have to be completed. We are in the process of taking a decision on this," Congress spokesperson PC Chacko said at the official press briefing of the party on Wednesday evening.

The statement was measured and not an off-the-cuff remark as Chacko repeated it and clarified at least twice. Chacko indicated that the party could expedite a decision on the controversial issue and could indeed be veering towards bifurcation of the state.
Chacko refused to be drawn into a discussion on the timeline. When asked whether the decision would be taken before the budget session, slated to begin on February 21, Chacko said he could not say. The statement was made in response to a question on BJP president Rajnath Singh's demand for a clarification by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.
 Chacko said, "I don't think Rajnath Singh can demand this. It is not his prerogative . Our party has spelt out its stand very clearly. We are not going back on our promise. We have been very clear. Our home minister has stated this stand also. We have said we just want some more time for discussion."
 When asked whether Congress was for a separate state of Telangana , Chacko said it was "simply a question of time" . Replying to a pointed question if the spokesperson was really saying that Congress was in favour of Telangana and it was only a matter of time before the demand is granted , Chacko said, "Yes this is what I am saying. You are right. The decision has to have a certain basis. Certain constitutional obligations have to be fulfilled."
 His remarks came as Congress MPs from Telangana awaited an appointment with party chief Sonia Gandhi for submitting their resignation to press for an early creation of a separate state.
 Three of the seven Congress MPs, who have been threatening to give their resignations to Gandhi and Lok Sabha Speaker Meira Kumar, arrived in the capital on Wednesday . Speaking to reporters, MP Madhu Goud Yaskhi said that it was an emotive issue and the MPs had full faith in Gandhi.
 Chacko's statement brought some cheer to the pro-Telangana camp. Yaskhi said, "resignations are not required now. The AICC spokesperson has clearly stated that party is for Telangana. We will discuss with party high command tomorrow and seek a speedy decision."

CANADIAN PHONE MAKER Research in Motion (RIM) will launch its Blackberry 10 mobile operating system (OS) today

CANADIAN PHONE MAKER Research in Motion (RIM) will launch its Blackberry 10 mobile operating system (OS) today, which it hopes will mark the start of its comeback.

Although we have yet to catch a glimpse of these devices, online speculation suggests that RIM will unveil two handsets - one touchscreen smartphone and one with a physical QWERTY keyboard.
 RIM is hoping these devices along with its so far well received Blackberry 10 mobile OS will put it back into the black, following several quarters of poor financial results and lackluster sales of its latest smartphones.
 Wall Street analysts aren't so hopeful, though. Jan Dawson, chief telecoms analyst at Ovum said, "Despite the brief bump RIM will see from the launch of [Blackberry 10], we expect its decline to continue longer term.
 "At its peak, RIM shipped between 12 and 15 million devices per quarter, but there is no way it can hit this number on a sustainable basis once the [Blackberry 10] launch filters through. Though the new platform should have significant appeal to existing users, we don't expect it to win significant numbers of converts from other platforms.
 "There is little in the new platform that suggests it will have the compelling apps, content stores, or the broader ecosystem that consumers have come to expect in a competitive smartphone platform.
 "We don't expect a speedy exit from the market; with no debt, 80 million subscribers and profitability in the black in at least some recent quarters, the company can continue in this vein for years. But its glory days are past, and it is only a matter of time before it reaches a natural end."

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Tata Motors launched diesel engine Vista in India

Tata Motors launched diesel engine Vista in India on 28 January 2013. The new vista is called Vista D90 and is equipped with 90PS 1.3-litre Multijet engine. Price of the car starts from 5.99 lakh rupees and at present it is available in two variants- VX and GX+.

In terms of exterior, it is quite identical to the usual Vista, with the only difference being the black contrast roof which was seen on 10th anniversary car. Various external accessories are offered by Tata and these include rear spoiler and side skirts.
Major changes can be observed in the interiors. Vista got the dashboard like that of Manza. Vista also offers the automatic air-con along with three modes. Apart from this, there is an all-new touch-screen stereo system accompanied with the Bluetooth and GPS.
At present, Vista is available in three engine choices and these include two diesels and one petrol version (65PS).

HTC has launched its new flagship smartphone, Butterfly, in India

Taiwanese manufacturer HTC has launched its new flagship smartphone, Butterfly, in India and will cost buyers Rs 44,900. This places new HTC phone above Apple iPhone 5's base model and Nokia Lumia 920 in terms of pricing, and much ahead of Samsung Galaxy S III.

The distinction of being the most expensive Android phone was previously held by Samsung Galaxy S III, which was initially launched at Rs 43,180 in May 2012. However, this price was soon cut to sub-Rs 40,000 levels and the device currently sells for approximately Rs 32,000 on the internet.
HTC Butterfly, known as Droid DNA in the US market, features a 5-inch Super LCD3 screen. This display has pixel density of 441ppi, the highest in any phone currently available in the market, and supports full HD videos (shot at 1920x1080p resolution). This smartphone comes with Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean), layered with HTC Sense UI, out-of-the-box and can be upgraded to Android 4.2 (Jelly Bean).
The upcoming Butterfly is powered by a 1.5GHz quad-core processor with 2GB RAM. It will have 16GB onboard memory and will support microSD card expansion up to 32GB. Connectivity options in the device include 2G, 3G, Wi-Fi, NFC, Bluetooth 4.0 and microUSB. Since the device is not listed on HTC's India website, it is not known whether the device meant for the market will support 4G LTE or not. Butterfly will sport an 8MP autofocus snapper with LED flash on the back and 2.1MP camera in the front.