Monday, 28 December 2015

IIT Bombay tech fest

The first day of IIT-Bombay Tech Fest was kicked off by none other than former chairman of Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) and the man behind the missions such as Chandrayaan and Mars Orbiter Mission, Dr K Radhakrishan.

The annual science and technology festival, Asia's largest of its kind, will go on till December 28. Youths from across the country were present at the inaugural ceremony presided over by dean of students affairs Soumyo Mukherjee and director professor Devang Khakkar.

Apart from Radhakrishan, the other eminent lecturers included Ajit Narayanan, inventor of Avaz, India's first Augmentative and Alternative Communication device for children with disabilities, Google's Robert J Mical and developer of first Internet in Asia, Kilman Chon. They spoke about their experiences and the love for technology.

'Mamma look a UFO!' screamed a child while walking through IIT Bombay today. Families and kids stormed the gates of IITB to visit the Tech Fest 2015 - the 3 day annual festival targeting geeks from other colleges. While walking in from the main gate towards the academic building, visitors get a view of the galactic world and superhuman creatures. The pathway has been decorated with caricatures of Superman, Batman, Boba Fett and aliens, and with flying banners of the Big Bang Theory and Star Wars. Some visitors while walking towards the convocation hall got the feeling that the event was themed in lieu of the release of the new Star Wars movie on Friday. No doubt, someone must have strolled around looking for a Darth Vader caricature. But what many students got to see through the day was a fun fair for family and kids.

The release of the new Star Wars movie and the decor of the IITB pathways with space objects, had students expecting an event on a different tangent. Besides, many events in the fest were given a name after sci-fi movie legends like the Martian, Quidditch, Robowars, etc. But what did the visitors get when they actually visited these events? While the Quidditch game was rescheduled due to lack of registrations to play, the Martian event was a presentation competition about the possibility of life on Mars. Now that may interest some science geeks, if only participants did not present hilarious ideas like introducing a Martian currency called Marta and installing television for entertainment of martians. Frankly, don't we have more pressing issues to solve about Mars habitation than the entertainment of martians? Like decomposing carbon-dioxide into oxygen for better survival chances? And for those who were excited about the Robowar, were left to see a monotonous cockfight between human operated robots. Speaking about the events that lured families with kids and grandmas into the campus. An entire section of the campus was deployed to organise around 15 events for the entertainment of children. These events included bungee jumping, sumo wrestling, paint ball, etc. The startling point was to see teenagers indulge in juvenile competitions like 'rotate 15 times in one place and then walk on a straight line, or a balancing act on one leg for a minute.' A piece of advice, 'do not participate when you're drunk.'

What was tragic was that in a fest dedicated to technology, some of the intelligent summits like water harvesting and cloud computing, received minimal audience or appreciation. The only stand out of the day was the exhibitions where students from different countries like Hungary, Netherlands, Zurich, Israel, USA, Bangladesh, Germany, had displayed their innovations. Majority of the student crowd at the fest was standing in an infinite queue to enter these exhibitions. One of the bright ideas at the exhibition was; the invention of a Smart Marine Black Box, which uses wireless technology to immediately transfer ship signals to the cloud. The idea was devised by a group of Bangladeshi students as a solution to the issues faced in locating signals of missing planes like the Malaysian flight MH370. Apart from this, a lot other countries, bound by internet restrictions, couldn't portray a demo of their inventions and had to work around with power point presentations of their devices. It was embarrassing to see that one of the premier engineering institutes in India couldn't provide WiFi to its guest counterparts at an international event.

Scientists shine at IIT-B Techfest

The first day of Tech Fest had a misplaced target audience where the prominent events lured families like in a fun fair while the more intellectual summits had a negligible crowd. The second day of IIT-B's Techfest 2015-16, held in association with the Times of India, served as a stage for some of the greatest revolutionists in the fields of science and technology.

The highlights for the day were lectures and talks by author and astrophysist Jayant Narlikar, Noble laureate Serge Haroche, inventor Dr Gurtej Sandhu and co-creator of spreadsheets Bob Frankston.

Sandhu spoke about various flash technologies and their continuous advancement since the past. He also talked about the cause to invent and innovate to solve problems, create wealth and express creativity. Frankston explained to the students the internet as a concept and it's evolution over the years. He described it as a part of a larger picture of opportunity.

Haroche, the 2012 Nobel Laureate in Physics, gave the audience an insight into the history of light and the determination of whether it was a wave or a particle.Another attraction was a "fast car" developed by the IIT Bombay Racing team, which has 74 students from 10 disciplines.

The annual science and technology festival, Asia's largest of its kind, will go on till December 28. Youths from across the country were present at the inaugural ceremony presided over by dean of students affairs Soumyo Mukherjee and director professor Devang Khakkar.


Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Government collected over Rs 4500 crore revenue from 348 toll plazas in FY16

The government has generated more than Rs 4,595 crore as revenue from 348 toll plazas across the country till November 15 of the current fiscal, Parliament was informed on Monday.Fee is levied and collected on small stretches of national highways (NHs), Minister of State for Road Transport and Highways P Radhakrishnan said in a written reply to Rajya Sabha.

The Minister also informed the House that toll could not be collected at three plazas in Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Kerala due to public resistance.As per the data presented by Radhakrishnan in the House, the government collected Rs 4,595.20 crore as revenue through toll plazas till November 15, 2015. In the previous financial year, ended March 2015, revenue collection stood at Rs 5,926.33 crore, whereas in 2013-14, it was Rs 5,245.54 crore, the data showed. The government has set up tolls at 348 stretches across the country, as of November 30, 2015, to collect fees.

In a separate query on status of the six-laning of the Gurgaon-Jaipur national highway, he said the construction has already started with effect from April 4, 2009.It is likely to be completed by June 30, 2016 as per supplementary agreement, Radhakrishnan added.The scheduled completion date of the project was October 2, 2011 and as on date, the physical progress is about 91%.On reasons behind the delay, the Minister said there was lag in land acquisition due to postponement is disbursement of land compensation.

Other reasons behind the delay include removal/re-location of government and religious structures, handling of forest and irrigation land by Haryana and slow financial progress of work by the concessionaire due to financial crunch, he added.

Sunday, 13 December 2015

Organizing National Level Convention by QCFI at SRM University

Organizing National Level Convention by QCFI at SRM University, Kattankulathur , Chennai  from 18th to 20th  December 2015.
Quality Circle forum of India (QCFI), a National nonprofit   Registered Society, established in the year 1982 is engaged in  propagation and implementation of  philosophy and practice of “Quality Concepts”  across the country including North-East States of the nation  along with its 22 chapters, 5 Sub Chapters and 2 Centers.  To adopt Quality Concepts in most of the industries and service organizations both in public and private sector ,QCFI  organizes  through education, training programmes, workshops and  QC conventions at Chapter, National and International level

QCFI so far conducted 28 National conventions in different parts of our country and provided  platform for the grass root level employees mainly from manufacturing industries to share their best case studies related to productivity and quality improvement ,cost reduction and overall improvement in customer satisfaction areas.  The convention also provides ample opportunity of cross learning from each other in application of improvement   tools and techniques.

The 29th National Convention is scheduled to be conducted during 18th -21st December 2015 at SRM University, Kattankulathur, Chennai.  In this convention around 6500 delegates have registered to participate and share their performance of excellence through case studies.

The day wise performance details are given below.

18.12.2015  -  Registration of delegates and inauguration of the Convention

19.12.2015 Presentation of Case studies in class rooms

20.12.2015 Distribution of prizes and valedictory function

21.12.2015   Industrial visit.