Friday, 23 October 2015

SRM University graduate secures scholarship to MIT Media Labs

Manisha Mohan, who has recently completed her graduation in Automobile Engineering from SRM University, is on cloud nine. She has gained entry into the prestigious MIT Media Lab in the U.S. She has also secured a research assistantship, covering full tuition and health insurance, with a stipend of $2,566. “My passion is innovation and I believe that the conducive environment at MIT Media Lab will provide a channel for the creative ideas I have,” she said. Manisha landed the coveted position after several gruelling interviews on Skype. She has invented a device that protects women from rape, sexual harassment and sexual assault. Christened Society Harnessing Equipment, or SHE, the device combines the disciplines of micro-processing, control, electronics and communications. When a woman wearing the device is attacked, it gives out a 3800kv electric shock capable of causing severe burns, and simultaneously sends out a message to the police with the location details through an embedded GPRS system. The device is being patented. Manisha attributes her success to her passion for chasing her dreams and actualising them. Her advice to young innovators is to dream big and work hard.